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February 25, 2013

Genome analysis helps to find out the gene expression of the person to give insight into the diseases that tend to affect that individual.

Nutrigenomics is a private limited company started with the objective of introducing a wholesome and personalized health care for the society with more positive results and less negative side effects, thus ensuring maximum quality of life for a maximum period of time.

Nutrigenomics studies the effects of the various food nutrients in an individualís dietary intake on his or her gene expressions which are indicators to the future health risks of that individual. This helps in developing an ideal dietary regimen personalized to his or her present health condition and future health risks, thus optimizing the individualís health to ensure maximum quality of life.

Nutrigenomics focuses more on preventive health care rather than curative medical interventions. With proper supplementation of vitamins and minerals in their appropriate combinations and adequate dosages, nutritional genomics restores or maintains an individualís health through relevant dietary interventions and healthy lifestyle modifications.

We are also engaged in the wholesale, retail, import and export of the following products.
Gene testing or genetic testing is a kind of medical testing that is DNA based, which helps in identifying the changes in oneís genes which are mostly related to inherited disorders. Gene testing helps to provide a clear insight into the effect of particular food nutrients on an individualís genes and the consequent changes leading to related health risks. Gene testing also helps one to find out oneís probability of developing a certain disease as well as passing it on. It helps in identifying a preventive lifestyle regimen that would keep ill health at bay rather than resorting to a curative medical intervention after the onset of a disease. Gene testing can also help individuals who are already suffering from chronic, difficult and life-threatening diseases.

Nutritional products include vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, phytochemical and protein supplements. These supplements can make up for the nutrients an individualís regular dietary intake may fall short on, that he or she may be deficient in, or that he or she may be in need of more to optimize the individualís well-being.

In addition to the above, we are willing to extend support in marketing nationally and internationally wellness and gene-related products. Our company is also involved in research, training and educational activities in the field of genetics, epigenetics, proteomics, nutrigenomics, pharmacogenomics, nutritional therapy and nanomedicine.

Our Mission

Create awareness of epigenetics, gene care, and nutritional and gene therapy among wider sections of society, and make scientific developments available to the common man.

Our Motto

Ensure maximum quality of life for a maximum period of time through personalized health care, focusing more on preventive care rather than curative treatment.